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David Bussick

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  • Bio:

  • David Bussick is a hermit who composes and arranges music. He occasionally plays oboe. Once a month he gets gussied up, hops on his mule, and rides into town to collect his mail and buy supplies. He has a blog.

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  • Awards:

  • Honorary Member: Association for Prevention of Premature Burial

  • Contact:

  • You can send me requests, commissions, questions, complaints, poetry, recipes, bad puns, etc. by using this form or by sending an email to david at whichpond dot com.

  • Works:

  • Albert at the Burlesque for wind trio (2008)

    American Folk Song Suite for various wind duets (2013)

    Appalachian Reel for flute or oboe duet (2009)

    Appalachian Reel for bassoon duet (2009)

    Bagatelle for Albert for 2 flutes, soprano sax, & alto sax (2007)

    Belly Dancing for Fun and Profit for double reed quartet (2010) mp3

    Cancion Breve for English horn and cello (2009)

    Canon for violin and cello (2003)

    Christmas Past for piano (2015)

    Chupacabra Blues for wind quintet and bongos (2012)

    Crane's Triptych for oboe & English horn (2009)

    Deep River for oboe solo and drone (2014)

    Diversion (as Alexander Wright) for flute, oboe, & bongos (2005)

    Elder Ballads for 2 oboes & English horn (2009)

    Etude Laconico for string trio and piano (2006) download the score

    Garden Etude for oboe, violin, and piano (2003) download the score

    The Last Dance of Dynamite Dunn for wind quintet (2012)

    Liquid Courage for voice & string quartet (2010)

    The Night Before Christmas for various chamber ensembles and narrator (2014)

    No Flattering Words for voice, English horn, and violin (2010)

    Not Images for piano (2002)

    Piece in E-flat for 5 to 10 players (2002)

    Rounds collection of rounds for voices

    Scherzo Angustia for double reed octet (2005)/transcribed for double wind quintet (2011)

    Simple Gifts Variations for various chamber ensembles (2015)

    Sonatina #1 (as Alexander Wright) for oboe & bassoon (and transcribed for other combinations) (2003)

    Sonatina #2 (as Alexander Wright) for flute & oboe (2005)

    To a Certain Civilian for double reed quintet (2008)

    Trio for 2 oboes & English horn (2007)

    Two Pieces for string trio (violin, viola, cello) (2008) download #1 download #2 mp3 1 mp3 2

    Warble at Sunset for bassoon & viola (2010)

    The Water is Wide for various chamber ensembles (2015)

    Workaday Pages for oboe duet (2011)

  • Arrangements & Transcriptions:

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